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EPF – Extremely Professional Fellow

i just came back from EPF with hubby.

and me being me, i framed myself to get ready (read: bitchy high patience and tolerance mode) as i presumed that there will be some drama at the counter.

and no, it’s not a presumtion, but rather after a much confused telephone conversation that i had with their customer service personnel regarding my inquiry. (Flashback: you see, my understand of Gomen jargons is limited, so when  i called to inquire about the steps, he started the whole list peppered with Borang xxxA dan surat pengesahan xxx which to me sounded like Hebrew. and when i later asked questions, i could hear from his voice that he was exasperated with this stupid dungu who to him didn’t understand why the sky is blue.)

so off we went, me with my folder ready, and hubby looking extra delicious coming back from a meeting(dunno, maybe its the hormones talking).

anyway, i digress.

once our number was called, we went to see this chap who was the customer relations executive.

he looked like Hasbullah-something-cant-remember-the-fathers-name and even sounded like he was commentating a football match while explaining the steps that i had to take for me to be able to withdraw my money.

and the way he explained was so simple and he even circled and ticked the documents that was needed and the forms that i had to fill.

and me being me, i have a bit of difficulty reading formal Bahasa forms, as the words they use scares the living shit out of me.

i mean, hang tulih la dalam bahasa yang aku bleh paham, tak la aku menggagau nak belek borang hang tu. nasib baik boyfriend aku ni abang gomen, jadi dia memang terror la baca and paham borang yang hangpa buat.

and before we ended our session with that guy, hubby turned to me and asked me to ask whatever questions that i might have after the explanation.

and being the dungu that i am, i started to shoot.

and this Hasbullah-look-alike answered each one professionally and friendly (eventho aku tau he must think whyyy la this woman dont comprende what was being explained earlier)

so, we left the building, hand-in-hand, me with a spring-in-my-step (cos i am already starting to list down the shoes things that i can buy soon) eh, itu pun if i have any coins left after paying the hutangs.

but nevertheless, its Fun. making the list, that is.