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all grown up

We went to buy Jasmine’s school uniform in the evening. She will be having her standard 1 induction session next Saturday morning.
The moment she put on her uniform, I couldn’t help myself.

I started crying!

I mean,can u imagine, my babycakes is already starting school soon. The next thing I’ll know,she is taking her drivers license.

Sigh. They grow up too fast.

I love u baby, u know I do.

High Strung

its been a hectic few months.

and i have been goin on a roller coaster ride.


i would like to publicly apologise to firstly my darling boyfriend. sayang, am so sorry if i have been a beeyatch these past few weeks. i’ve been snapping, sarcastic, throwing hissy fits, and just being downright difficult.

im sorry.

to my babies, Jasmine and Rashard, Bonda is really sorry for neglecting you cookies. its not that i dont love you, but i have been very stressed up, and i know it is not your fault, and i should be doing this to both of you.

to my family, im sorry if i have been too busy and not being able to be 100% there.

and my Has-beens and my munchkins, sorry for the lack of time and effort. i want to, but mind is halfway elsewhere.

i have been too busy, that i haven’t been dishing out sarcastic remarks to my favourite group of people!


so, gimme a few more weeks to settle all this, before i can take my long anticipated break.

Last but not least, i would like to say


We love you babycakes. always always.


Daddy, Bonda, Adik a.k.a Kenzo and Bibik loves you loads!