Monthly Archives: November 2010

all grown up

We went to buy Jasmine’s school uniform in the evening. She will be having her standard 1 induction session next Saturday morning.
The moment she put on her uniform, I couldn’t help myself.

I started crying!

I mean,can u imagine, my babycakes is already starting school soon. The next thing I’ll know,she is taking her drivers license.

Sigh. They grow up too fast.

I love u baby, u know I do.



am on something new.

hopefully exciting, and hopefully it works.

am very nervous, and praying hard that all goes well.

once it materializes, then i will share.

but for the time being, i am humbly asking all of you to pray for me.

pray that everything goes well.

owh, and just a reminder, i will be turning 21 in 8 days time.

cant wait!

if you are wondering, i accept  cheques and diamonds, thankyouverymuch.

hahaha. ya, saya memang mengada.


wordpress is making me worried.

just realized that my page is haywired!


lemme try to rectify.